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About Us

guch helps enterprises win with the power of video

We deliver high quality video, both live action & animation all over the world to enterprises.

  • We offer end to end workflow and enterprise asset management tools to make video creation easy and efficient.
  • We have a vetted marketplace called the guch professional network of the best video professionals from all over the world.
  • Our creative leadership including the creative partner network ensures you can leave all your video worries on top professionals.

We have a commitment to creative excellence while bringing down cost & time to delivery


It has been pretty simple for us. Great people make great work!

Bobby Isac

Head of Product & Engineering

Jijo Idicula

Head of Operations

Joiet Joseph

Creative Director

Manu Srikumar

Founder & CEO

Noel Alex

Creative Director

Pranav Chimulkar

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Rahul Pandey

Head of Sales

Rekha Soman

Head of Creative Success

Shiva Kumar

Creative Director

Soorej S

Creative Director