Why do Enterprise Brands require Video:

Video is important to your content strategy because it is broad, memorable, and measurable. These are not only the elements that make it ideal for your audience to crave short, engaging pieces, but also the features that make the video the whole format of the seller’s dreams.

Because it is widely viewed, you can use video to teach complex concepts, To share news about your customers, and to promote marketing activities.

But in addition to the unique video conversion capability, the medium has become very valuable to data-driven advertisers. This is because you can track and measure video audience participation statistics in a logical way.

You can link your videos directly to contracts that help influence them and you can see which assets are starting to work based on content engagement analysis.

Brand Videos

  • Great for uniquely positioning yourself in a crowded space.
  • Effective way to organically build customer loyalty over time.
  • Effective at changing perceptions and introducing new ideas.
  • Ideal for companies with interesting founding stories and backgrounds.

Explainer Videos

  • Focuses on the Benefits of your product / service
  • Simplifies Your Product or Solution
  • They Make Product Benefits Interesting
  • They Keep People On Your Website Longer

Testimonial Videos

  • They build credibility and trust
  • They increase referrals
  • They leverage your customers’ brands
  • They are a source of credibility

Product How To Videos

  • Help your users or customers with navigation and features of your product helping ease of usage.
  • Great way to educate your users
  • Ideal for promoting never-before-seen features, benefits and services.

Case Study Videos

  • They focus on the customer
  • Case studies demonstrate success
  • Similar to testimonial videos, they leverage your customers’ brands
  • They are a compelling Elevator Pitch
  • They are a reflection of your brand’s culture and personality

These are just the most important videos that every Enterprise Brand needs today. Get to your high performance video right now by clicking right here and filling your creative brief to have someone from the guch team reach out to you immediately.