If you want your video to make people laugh, don’t “just add humor” as an afterthought. Make sure that goal is captured before story pitches begin. Humour helps you establish a rapport with your viewers while triggering memorability and also creating an alignment to your brand. Humour can help you make your video massively shareable. It makes your content bingeable for your target viewers.

Valuable in return

Structure your video to be captivating by providing something actually valuable to your target audience. This ensures that viewers stay interested, takeaways are well remembered and you can explain everything in one video. Relevant content is the key to keep your audience love your content and keep coming back for more.

The first few seconds

  • The attention span of an average human is 9 sec and people spend 1.7 seconds on average on a post on mobile compared to 2.5 seconds on a desktop pc. Therefore, if you want to grab your viewers’ attention with a video, the first seconds of your video count the most.

Visual Appeal

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For a visually appealing video it’s great to have some variation in your frames. Follow the basic rules of design to ensure that your video is dynamic and well-designed. Balance ensures that nothing is overshadowed and is left unnoticed. Repetition affects the rate at which information is processed, contrast highlights the difference between two subjects, dominance affects what is seen more prominently and hierarchy is the combination of all of these elements to create a chain of importance – ensuring that the most important information is always seen first.

Using Animation, Infographics and Characters/Cartoons can help in making your video catchy and more visually appealing.

Never seen before

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Our dopamine-reward system is involved in our motivation to learn about our world.

The promise of compelling information activates a particular dopamine pathway. Dopamine is released and creates that itch that can only be scratched by obtaining more of the promised information. Biting that hook gives us great pleasure in learning about something new hence making your video un-skippable.

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