There are both offline & online events happening today & it has become critical to create different types of video content for your event

The types of videos to be made for an event

  • Promo videos – This can include videos for promotions and ticket sales. Usually they are done as performance ads or even longer ones that are embedded on the website. They give a sneak peek into the what’s going to unfold. They are also used for pre event announcements and reminders.
  • Event opener and closer video – Its always good to start on a high and be thankful towards the end. These videos are a must in the current scheme of things where a lot of events are now virtual
  • Speaker intros – Its best to play a video to introduce a speaker
  • Post event – An afterfilm is a must to re-engage audiences. The event could be a physical one or a virtual one – releasing an after film is a must. You can also repurpose a lot of the content from the event into snack-able mini clips that will further drive social media engagement.

Why do you need high quality videos?

The videos made will have to adhere to your brand guidelines and also wow audiences. Great videos also position your event at premium leading to better ticket sales and post event engagement. More importantly, most events are not standalone properties that happen once – building a brand will go a long way.

How can guch help?

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Mad Over Videos playlist

DX Asia 2020 by Sitecore Playlist

Digital Workplace Tweetathon by Kissflow

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