“We are rebranding as ‘guch’ and changing our business model”

What’s the business model?

We are building a product!

Nothing really changes apart from the fact the we want to scale delivering video services. We don’t want to be the boutique video agency down the road, but want to be a global player delivering hundreds and thousands of videos a day. And this will happen when we build a full stack product along with a Managed Marketplace.

Now, what is a Managed Marketplace?

Imagine you booked an Uber and the car arrived with a security personnel sitting in the front seat along with the driver. While the driver has been verified & trained, the security personnel additionally ensures you have a safe trip and you can leave all worries behind. Uber becomes a Managed Marketplace now. Without the security personnel, Uber is just a marketplace.

guch will assign a Client Partner & a Creative Consultant on every video project while the professionals working on the project will be part of a vetted community called the guch pro network.

guch will take full responsibility of delivering the project.

What does it mean for our stakeholders?


We get tonnes of requests from creators for full time jobs. Creators have a hard time as freelancers, its very hard to sell their services and even harder to manage projects. guch provides a way for them to be on our network and get assured work. They can now focus on doing what they like rather than spend time selling and managing. We are calling creators on our network guch pros


This has been coming for the last 6–8 months where we have started piloting with the process of doing creative (process is really product) and have been successful with running projects with a professional network.

Why the name ‘guch’ & how is it pronounced?

The name guch is inspired by the Sanskrit word gachhami which means “I go”. For us, it means we are treading towards a better way of rendering video services using the collective potential of the community.

The URL of the product is

As an acronym, guch is — giving u a creative high!

How is this pronounced — Its ga — ch and not g-oo-ch

Why this change now?

denture Capital completed 3 years as a Creative Agency and we’ve had a really wild ride. We have grown profitably and added some of the best names as clients and did a lot of great things. All through this ride, we have been aware that this is really not a large market opportunity and we did have a lot of our advisors and well wishers nudge us time and again checking if this was what we signed up for?

We did try our hand at doing documentary films & OTT content, we tried selling advertising to large clients, etc. And now we realise we were extremely good with functional/procedural videos which is an exploding market opportunity.

We started denture Capital as a show on startups and the name just stuck. We used it for a few more years and built an agency business. But we realise the agency business cannot scale beyond a point and we always aspired to build something with a large impact. Hence, the idea of a managed marketplace called guch (

Nothing else changes, our commitment to delivering creative excellence runs deep in our veins, we want to make it more easy, fast and also bring down the costs so that everyone can do it.

Creating videos will never be the same again!

Let us know what you think & send us a note on

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