Imagine this:

You have been asked to tell a story of approx. 10,000 pages. How well would you tell it?

1 second of video is 25 frames, 1 image is worth a 1000 words and a page consists of approximately 450 words, therefore 10,000 pages = 4.5 million words

So, we understand, IT IS HARD! I have personally seen brands struggle to communicate through videos. There should be an immense amount of trust in the agency/production house to achieve this difficult task.

Let me take you through one of our client projects and how we solved their business problem. – Pioneer in the business of making interiors easy! They have disrupted the system of interior designs through a marketplace platform.

The brand has two backend verticals :

  1. HomeLane Square Partners (Franchisee)
  2. HomeLane Design Partners (Interior Designers)

Post the success of the Square Partner Videos which we made in two different regions a. Hyderabad & Gurugram, b. Bengaluru, they needed help in solving the same issue of demand generation for the Design Partners.

So how did we solve it?

We created a series of testimonials which brings out the stories of the existing Design Partners to inspire more partners to join the brand. We also created a single video, which was a culmination of all the 3 testimonials, that served as a functional ad!

  • What did the client-success team do?

The team analyzed the brief well in order to strategise and articulate the end objective of the client’s customer i.e the potential design partners. We then brainstormed and came up with a fitting content flow, keeping in mind the various benefits of being a HomeLane Design Partner.

  • What did the creative team do?


We first worked with the client to shortlist the design partners who could communicate effectively and had a great story to share.

The team got the talking points ready by framing the right questions and ensured the tone was conversational to create a captivating narrative around it.

Here is a snippet of the story

Once we got the story ready, the team started breaking it down into scenes and then created a storyboard.
Click here to view the Storyboard


The director had a keen eye for detail as she had visualised the video a thousand times in her head. Even something as simple as a walk was demonstrated to the Design Partner, because of the Director’s obsession for sticking to her vision. Here is an example on how it was done.

The Director demonstrating
The Design Partner enacting


We believe in being cruel on the editing table- what sticks, sticks, and what doesn’t, doesn’t!

While writing this blog I went around asking people what is it that they like about this video, and the most common answer was “The Look and Feel”. The colouring played a big part in conveying the right tone and emotion of the video.

This image will further help you understand the psychology of colour in film.

Click here to view the full-size image | Source:

Below is a snapshot of a scene- before and after colour grading.

The Final Output

  1. Priyanka Gowsami
  2. Pradyumna Singh
  3. Sowmya Ojha

Functional video:

In the end, we helped the client bring out a beautiful story which helped them achieve their business goal. The client appreciated us for not just being a run-of-the-mill video agency, but for being complex problem-solvers with high business intelligence and seamless execution.

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