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One’s best success comes after

their greatest disappointments.


Pranav Chimulkar
Host, MOV Podcast

The entire team behind Mad Over Videos by guch was gutted because of the fact that we would not be able to organize the sophomore edition of the flagship event this year, even though the inaugural edition held on November 9th, 2019 was a smash hit.

But we were able to turn things around when we launched the Mad Over Videos Podcast earlier this year.

What started as a surrogate drive, has turned out to be a masterstroke and has helped us influence even more people than we could have imagined to put inside a room for the offline summit. On the other hand, I am stoked to bring you this new initiative by Mad Over Videos, MOV Buzz. This is our e-magazine, a mini capsule that will capture all the insights and much more so that you don’t miss out on any of the buzz! As I sign off on this note, I’d like to remind you that the entire team of Mad Over Videos sincerely appreciates your continued support and participation in our endeavors.

Pranav Chimulkar
Host, MOV Podcast


Visual Appeal over Extreme Budgets

KidsSwag teaches Kimberlee West, Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Xactly Corp about mindful representation as she talks about as a senior product manager. She spoke about the power of visuals, script, and storyline in the performance of a video. She goes on to share the importance of putting the right perception out there and having your Go-To-Market Strategy in place. Video today does not require high-quality equipment or a huge budget. Just whipping out your camera, putting yourself in front of it and shooting can really be so powerful.

There’s something to be seen in whatever the person has to convey, and their perception on screen. The person’s emotions and drive give viewers a sense of connection and that ultimately matters!

Product Videos and Market Placement

Patrick Edmonds, CMO Proposify the stay-at-home CMO of Proposify shares his experiences creating video content around your domain or product, interesting video content they’ve created at Proposify, and how to support your sales team with videos and Asynchronous selling.

There are subtleties between different types of companies and their proposals. So the key is to learn and listen to customers. Especially listening back to the calls of customers, your sales reps have had, understand the language that they’re using and use that in your marketing materials. And we not only adjust what that means to us in terms of how we market to them but also how our product evolves to serve their needs.

Understanding the core user for every feature of your product is very important because it defines how you place and market your product. The struggle your users face and translating it to the product message is something beyond
just the technical details! And it all starts with the discussion of what your product means to the market in terms of its benefits and pain points. The conversation is around- What are the problems? What are they trying to solve? How can we best solve them? And that goes into creating a great product.

Ending the war between Sales and Marketing

Darryl Praill, Chief Revenue Officer @VanillaSoft shares taking up roles at Vanillasoft and defining accountability. How you hold sales accountable, is through a service level agreement. Accountability defines the rules of engagement, and it is the glue!

So marketing and sales teams need to sit down and discuss what each thing means to them. Be it what SQL means to them, how long you follow up to a lead, etc. Syncing the working of your Marketing and Sales teams helps you understand what drives the motivation of your teams and the seamless working of Sales and Marketing. The two teams need to understand how they respectively compensate each other. You are all on one team so knowing what results mean to each team is so important!

A lot of it is just understanding how people buy. When you see me online and I talk about selling something, you know it and feel like when you need it, you’ll buy it. But months later, you have a requirement and go ahead to buy something but don’t call me. That’s bad! No one wants that. So the frequency depends on this to make sure you are at the top of people’s thoughts and lead them right to you.

Video Consumption trends due to covid

With 2021 soon dawning upon us and the settling down of the “new normal”, COVID 19 has brought out a complete change in the world. Video consumption quantities have shot up as it becomes more and more important to make your content stand out and create an impact. With the quantity of video being consumed daily almost doubling on average, this year has seen a massive change in trends. Brands have started to leverage this very phenomenon by massively producing high-quality videos and sharing them across well-targeted media channels.

Special emphasis has been shown towards online events, workshops, and podcasts as marketers, sales professionals alike have been finding the most unique and innovative ways to leverage these channels and drive prospects right to them.

Notes n Quotes

The average age of the digital natives has come down. They’re impatient. Their attention span has come down. They don’t have the patience to read long blogs. They want quick and instant answers. Video will take over as a popular content format.

Arvind Parthiban, CEO & Co-Founder – SuperOps.ai

The environment in 2020 and so on, isn’t going to have a hand to hand combat or a war. It is going to be a war of knowledge. It’s about who can acquire the best technology, information and data. Whoever does that is going to win the most over the next century, not someone who can acquire land or wage wars.

Jake Bjorseth, Founder @ Trndsttrs

Every business is an entertainment business. And if you can’t entertain, it’s going to be hard. Some of the large companies are really good at it, but they need to evolve.

Kyle Lacy, CMO @ Lessonly

Definitely use a video as an explainer, but at the same time, you should also have a short written piece of content to explain because when it comes to mobile, people are not always able to play a video and you lose them there.

Michael Versluis, Chief Commercial Officer@ Shleep

MOV Spotlight

What’s the most innovative way you’ve reached out to someone?
It’s hard, isn’t it? Being funny, smart, standing out from the rest or just even creating an enthralling piece of work.

Maybe you’d change your subject line, or add a gif, or maybe dare I say, even add a video?

While it’s already hard reaching out to people in interesting ways, you’d always find a better chance of making it happen. Now, what if I said that you’d have to reach out to an already ingenious brand? Well, Ryan Scalera from A Sales Guy Inc redefined it for us a couple of months ago, going offbeat and artistic by congratulating Gong on raising 200M in series D funding, with a Rap!

Ryan Scalera
Account Executive @ A Sales Guy Inc

Copywriting is one of the critical elements of everything; not just marketing and advertising. Web pages, social media posts, newsletters, posters, commercials and even press releases with statements need extensive skills of copywriting.

Thinking where to start? Fret not, as Eddie Shleyner, the founder of VeryGoodCopy.com has curated a list of books that helped him build this skill of persuasive writing.

  1. The Boron Letters: A collection of letters about copywriting and life by Gary Halbert, written to his son from prison.
  2. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: Famed copywriter Joe Sugarman compiled all he knew about his craft into 324 pages.
  3. The Copy Book: An anthology of essays and famous ads by 53 master copywriters.
  4. Ca$hvertising: Drew Eric Whitman breaks down the psychology of persuasion, everything he learned after 23 years in direct response.
  5. My Life in Advertising: How the legendary Claude Hopkins discovered copywriting.
  6. Scientific Advertising: How Hopkins succeeded at copywriting.
  7. Influence: A classic by Robert Cialdini, which sold over 1 million copies.
  8. Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind: This masterpiece by Al Ries and Jack Trout changed how I market VeryGoodCopy.
  9. The Copywriter’s Handbook: Bob Bly has authored over 50 books about marketing and copywriting. This is among his finest.
  10. The Ultimate Sales Letter: Dan Kennedy breaks down a proven formula for writing compelling sales letters.
  11. Hey Whipple, Squeeze This: Edward Boches and Luke Sullivan’s classic guide to creating great advertising.
MOV Toast

Rockstar Sales
depend on skills,
not stereotypes!

Although women make up just over half of the college-educated workforce, they hold less than one third of B2B sales jobs.

Let’s face it, sales is a historically male-dominated industry. The outdated perspective of the sales industry suggests stereotypes such as men are more willing, able to bond and meet with clients outside of the office, like at a bar or on the golf course and whatnot. Fortunately, businesses are now hiring based on a candidate’s skills and knowledge and as a result we’ve come to see the most amazing women out there, breaking all barriers, putting their best foot forward, busting all these myths and showing us what really matters.

We got some of the rockstar ladies themselves to share their thoughts.

To be bold and loving to connect with people helps me be awesome!

JoBeth Hanak – BDR , Zilliant

The positive energy that I input to every single activity every day really takes me a long long way!

Catherine Robles – Director of Sales, Vanillasoft

Being able to relate with people, understanding them and having a conversation that matters makes me a great sales professional.

Mansi Bhatia – SMB + ESD, LinkedIn India

What helps me is to have the ability to plan and break down goals into more bite sized chunks and never let myself get overwhelmed.

Holly Signore – Manager, Sales Development, Deltek

So the real question we must ask ourselves is, what does it really take to become a high performing sales professional?
MOV Testimonials

Thank you guch for hosting me on MOV podcast series. The host did a wonderful job in steering the discussion in the right direction. As a result, we discussed a lot about video marketing techniques, CPL, Different types of video strategies for SMEs and large enterprises, partnerships and a lot more.

Scindia Balasingh,
Head Of Marketing – GISVP, Freshworks

As a marketer, I am always looking to connect with other like-minded marketers. I was chatting with Pranav and how engaging in a community fuel personal and professional growth.That couldn’t be more true.

Nick Bennett,
Director of Field Marketing , Logz.io

Oh my goodness Pranav, I could pay you money. You could be like my agent! You are preaching it.

Darryl Praill,
Chief Revenue Officer, VanillaSoft

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