Robert Anthony Rodriguez has a very unique filmmaking technique; he shoots, edits, produces, and scores many of his films in Mexico and in his home state of Texas. Rodriguez directed the 1992 action film El Mariachi, which was a commercial success after grossing $2 million against a budget of $7,000. The film spawned two sequels known collectively as the Mexico Trilogy: Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

I am a big fan of Rodriguez & the theme scene from Desperado keeps playing in my head all the time. Also below are some bits from his book that I really liked!

A lot of us think it takes formal education and money to learn filmmaking. But we are wrong. This is what Robert writes.

It’s important to at least have basic knowledge of every department. Great filmmakers are often good editors, they have wonderful taste for music and art. The best filmmakers often give very pointed directions to other members of the crew.

The best solutions are the more creative ones. Rather than throwing money and people at a problem, it’s best to think of creative solutions. Constrained environments are best.