Everyone has stories to share and each story can inspire thousands of people. Such stories deserve to be told to the world.

In the midst of the pandemic, udaan came forward to share such stories of its customers who have transformed their family-run businesses with the B2B platform.

This was their idea for the udaan Asaan Hai campaign.‍

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The Brief 

Like any video production project on guch, udaan’s multi-city campaign began with a brief. The campaign aimed at bringing out the stories of Indian business owners across the country who have benefited from udaan’s wide range of products at wholesale prices.Business owners from 6 cities would be filmed in a testimonial video that would present the story of their business and their life since associating with udaan.

The Execution 

The broad-scale project was to be shot in 6 cities – Bhopal, Digboi, Nasik, Ranchi, Thane and Gurgaon. While COVID related travel restrictions were in effect, it did not hinder the shoot in any manner.

Why? – The guch pro network! 

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Our Creative Partners put together a team of guch Pros who managed and executed the video production. These testimonial videos were shot simultaneously in different cities, expediting the process.

udaan’s customers shared their stories about their business, the uncertainties during the COVID – 19 pandemic, and how udaan had brought in necessary help to businesses during these times. The videos showcased the daily routine of the business owners, their happy moments, and how they interacted with their customers, while they narrated their story in the background.

The Result

The efforts ultimately paid off! udaan Asaan Hai campaign received massive reach and engagement across various channels. The videos were hosted on their official website, YouTube, and Instagram page. The campaign helped udaan to communicate their brand values and showed the world the relationship they’ve built with their customers.

guch is very glad to have helped udaan with this campaign and the ideology behind it. A lot of appreciation goes to everyone that made this campaign a smooth success. We believe and respect the values any brand carries with itself.

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