81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

And when both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service.

The classic “how-to” video shows, well, how to use your products. If your product has a cool use-case or you have just released a catchy dark mode on your mobile app or anything of the like, well you probably need a Product How-To video to put it out there.

Why do How-To videos exist and what are their benefits?

You have a Product or Service out there and Product How-To Videos are the best thing to create a wave of Product/Service Awareness and provide additional and free value to people by explaining a very particular feature or use that it has. This can be of great use to help your users make the most of your product/service and love your brand more!

A perk of using this video type as a how-to while is that it also shows off how cool your product/service is.

An alternative to the “how-to” video is showing how to do something specific with your product, instead of showing how to use the product itself.

Do you need a How – To Video right now?

Well, if you are facing any of the situations below, then a Product How-To video is the way to go .

  • If you have released a new Product/Service recently in the last few weeks and need to show people some particular use-cases that are beneficial to them.
  • If you have recently released new feature updates, it is definitely time to let your users know through a video. Help them relate, know more about you and have more clarity on the brilliant work you’ve done to make their lives easier
  • If your recent customer reviews show that users finding it difficult to use your product/service, you most definitely need a step by step help video to help them navigate your product/service in the most effective way.
  • If you want to increase product awareness to drive sales, a product video is the best way to engage with existing customers and have them invest more time and resources into your product/service and also have them rave about your product to the relevant market.

What do you include in your How-To video?

Now if you are really convinced that you need a product How-To video, the most important question would be what do you need in your How-To Video?

Use your how-to video to explain a new video or find topics for your how-to video from user reviews.

A good How-To video is generally 1-2 minutes long and explains a single or a particular group of features, so as to not be too long that the viewers lose interest and still be able to explain things clearly without confusing the viewers.

The average cost for a How-To video is $2000 and having a group of videos made will probably even help you get a combined price reduction.

How-To videos generally start with an introduction to your brand and product/service and lead on to explain a particular feature. Keep it direct and to the point and focus on the ease of use and advantages to the users. Make sure the title of your video is also to the point so as to make sure your users find it as soon as they search for the exact help they need.

Remember, the most important thing is to keep it simple.

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