Living our core values everyday at guch
Great companies are built when people with a shared sense of purpose come together. And...
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11 Tips for shooting professional videos using a smartphone at home
Hey, I’m Arfan. I’m a Cinematographer and photographer at guch. Today I’m gonna be giving...
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“I am really happy with the video. Big fan of guch - Sunil Patro”

Sunil Patro - CEO of SignEasy

“I am really happy with the video. Big fan of guch - Vamsi K”

Vamsi K - CEO of Vedantu

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‘guch’ me if you can! – The story of our re-branding!
Namaste! “We are rebranding as ‘guch’ and changing our business model” What’s the business model?...
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Solve any business problem under 3 minutes.
Imagine this: You have been asked to tell a story of approx. 10,000 pages. How...
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Work Hard. Stay Humble. Dream Big.
And phew, another eventful year comes to an end. 2019, our third year in operation &...
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Stories from curating Mad Over Videos
I grew up in the times when Television was catching on in India. Those were...
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